Institute Of Ideas Launch Debate Festival At The Barbican This Weekend

Art & Culture

The chilly, chisled brutalism of the Barbican Centre will see a series of lectures and exchanges take place over the coming weekend in the Institute of Idea's "Battle of Ideas" festival.

Some highly influential names will tackle a variety of topics and philosophies – heads from Index On Censorship, The Guardian, the International Business Times, and Universities around the globe will talk about everything from whether "Unleashing business investment will revive UK's zombie economy", or if "Artistic expression is a value worth defending" – all the way down to discussing whether we should fear the robot revolution, if Londoners are ungrateful in whining about gentrification or if aspects of lifestyle, like smoking or drinking, should be regulated.

The running order of the weekend and more info about each talks can be found over on the festival's website, here.