Independent Cinema Office And Lux Announce The Return Of The Artists Cinema

Art & Culture

The Independent Cinema Office (ICO) and LUX announce the return of The Artists Cinema, a unique project bringing together work by leading visual artists, funded by Arts Council England.

Commissions will launch at Tate Britain at an event attended by the artists on 8th February, and will be released in UK cinemas from 8th February.

The Coat  (Corin Sworn & Tony Romano)

'Travelling actors stop to clarify an old trunk gag but are interrupted by the discovery of two stowaways.'

Bird (Margaret Salmon)

'Filmed in Scottish woodlands, birds are presented in camouflage and then are gradually revealed close-up.'

A Brief History of Princess X (Gabriel Abrantes with Francisco Ciprianni)

'A supercharged history of sculptor Constantin Brancusi.'

Abu Ammar is Coming (Naeem Mohaiemen)

'Abu Ammar is Coming continues Mohaiemen's 'The Young Man Was' and investigates the presence of Bangladeshi guerrillas.'

El helicóptero  (Dora García)

'In 1966 Oscar Masotta organised three happenings which still surprise us today with audience and narrative.'

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