Incredible Home Movies Of London’s Late 70s Punk Scene Appear Online

Art & Culture

Thanks to Dangerous Minds for unearthing these gems – amateur film maker Captain Zip has been uploading Super 8 footage he shot in and around Chelsea's King's Road from 1976 to 1981. Concentrating on the exploding punk scene, the films serve as an incredible time capsule, capturing punk fashions and lifestyles as they were played out on the streets. The punks themselves are an innocent seeming bunch, naughty scamps in knackered bondage gear, larking on London's invariably grey streets whilst Captain Zip offers his slightly bizarre, detached voiceover. There are contemporary tracks from Elvis Costello and X-Ray Spex and the whole thing seems as fittingly ramshackle a tribute to a DIY movement as we've seen. Watch below;