Hundred Years Gallery Launches ‘Human’ Exhibition

Art & Culture

For a week from 3rd-10th September, a new exhibition called 'Human' is coming to Hoxton's Hundred Years Gallery. The show features work from Chris Pilling, Tommy Pilling, David Shackleton, Franzi Ehmer, Peter Rapp, Tony Savas & Zoey Zhao, taking a variety of artistic approaches and mediums (intricate ink drawings, street photography, etchings, oil paintings) to examine what being human in contemporary society means.

On Saturday, the first concert of the fortnight-long Ken Ikeda season launches, showing work by John Russell & Eddie Prevost, O Yama O, and Billy Steiger. Expect plenty of abstract sound art, improvisation and performance pieces.

Ikeda has worked with Mariko Mori and Todanori Yokoo, as well as composing for David Lynch. He's released work through labels Touch and, more recently, Spekk.

More info can be reached at the Hundred Years Gallery website.