Goldsmiths To Hold Except/0n Exhibition

Art & Culture

Any number multiplied by zero results in zero, you don't have to be the best at maths to know this one although you do have to be pretty high in the creative juices to turn such a concept as this into the premise for an art exhibition. In essence, that's exactly what the MA/MFA Computational Arts students at Goldsmiths have done for their next exhibition entitled Except/0n. Here's how they describe what you can expect to see hitting the walls of the unviersity from 10th September;

"From AI to algae, gender to generative algorithms, biometrics, affective computing, and sonic arts, Except/0n aims to present to the world a spectrum of the possibilities of creative computation, which is richer for their diversity and interplay."

This is very much a different way of combining the worlds of computing and art to what most of us would expect yet there's a real sense of intrigue as to how this will all be achieved that we can't quite seem to shake off. 

Except/0n takes place from 10th-14th September at Goldsmiths University, London – find out more here.