George Condo “Confrontation” Show To Launch Late November In Berlin

Art & Culture

Berlin’s Museum Berggruen is to host “Confrontation”, a new exhibition of the work of American painter George Condo. It will be the first exhibition of contemporary art in the history of the institution, placing Condo’s work alongside the likes of Cézanne, Picasso, Matisse and Klee.

The works span a period from the 1980s to the present day and are to appear in the entire space of the institution in relationship with the artists of classical modernism with Condo’s wild, in part grotesque paintings serving as a reminder to the radicalness of early twentieth century art.

On the exhibition, Condo remarks “It’s not simply to have a confrontation with other artists, it’s about the idea that I make my work in a confrontation with myself and I’m confronting my demons, my depressions, my happiness, my existence. I’m confronting this as an artist and I want to get the most out of who I am. I only can do this by confrontation.“

“Confrontation” runs at the Museum Berggruen, Berlin from 19th November 2016 to 12th March 2017.

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