Gabriel Klasmer: A Group Show To Open At Display Gallery

Art & Culture

A new exhibition from Israeli artist Gabriel Klasmer is set to open at London's Display Gallery on Friday 11th September and is being labelled as 'a group show' despite only featuring the work of a single artist.

The exhibition has been curated by Naomi Friedman and showcases recent works from Klasmer’s prolific oeuvre in his first UK solo show since 2007. There will be an array of different mediums on offer for you to muse over as you waltz through the gallery as this exhibition aims to free Klasmer from attempts to define the thread running through his artistic production.

Some of the highlights include heads and torsos made of compressed aluminium foil and inflatable bubbles created using polyethylene, PVC and electric fans. Just your average exhibition then.

Gabriel Klasmer: A Group Show exhibits at Display Gallery, London from 11th September – 1st October, find out more here.