Flying Lotus’ Film, Kuso, Sparks Audience Walkouts At Sundance.

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Flying Lotus’, or Steve Ellison to his friends, debut motion picture Kuso has reportedly sparked mass walkouts during it’s debut screening at Sundance Festival, Utah. A review from The Verge is explicit, mentioning scenes of “an erect penis being violently gored by a long steel rod” as well as a “feeding behemoth newborn that barfs oil”. Based on these descriptions it’s not hard to see what made some feel a little queasy.

The film features music from it’s creator, as well as the likes of Aphex Twin, Akira Yamaoka, Thundercat and more. There's no current confirmed release date.

Since the news broke FlyLo himself has hit back on Twitter, stating that “It was only like 20 people out of like 400 who walked out”.

You can watch the official trailer HERE.

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