Flappy Bird Remade Starring Boris Johnson

Art & Culture

If you had a million rooms, each full of a million monkeys, each chained to a typewriter for a million days, sooner or later one of them is going to come up with the works of Shakespeare. All the others, however, will probably churn out something like this; a flappy birds clone for iPhones, remade with Boris Johnson as the 'hero'. Flappy Mayor (as it's ingeniously titled) has just been released for iPhone and iPad. It's a game where you tap the screen to make a tiny pixelated rendition of our inept trough-snouted mayor fly past various obstacles, including a (presumably reanimated) version of the late Bob Crow. Modelled on the world conquering Flappy Bird game – possibly the only game to have become famous for being the shittest thing anyone has ever seen, Flappy Mayor sticks closely to the blueprint laid out by a myriad of other Flappy Bird clones – 1) It's a bit rubbish and 2) It's got loads of adverts running through the game. Here's a screenshot.

flappy birds image

Flappy Mayor does, however, open up a whole world of gleeful possibility of games made using political figures. Personally we're holding out for a Streetfighter 2 remake based on the Tory front bench, Iain Duncan Smith as Dhalsim and 'call me' Dave Cameron as Chun-Li, that sort of thing. Probably sell like hot cakes, that would. 

If your insane, or bored, or both, you can buy Flappy Myor here