Epic Fail Is Taking Place In East London This Saturday

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EPIC FAIL is taking place in East London this Saturday!

But what is EPIC FAIL you ask? EPIC FAIL is a conceptual art event, and the brainchild of Gaspar Martinez and friendly German/good mate of ours Flavio Degen, who designed those wonderful "Just Smile" jumpers so many of you are now wearing around town đŸ™‚

Honestly we're not quite sure what to expect, but no doubt the pair will have come up with something very entertaining. Apparently the following things are involved somehow:

A 'pull/push' door sign
A dog called 'Meow'
A liquor store drive-thru
A couple discussion in an IKEA showroom
A dick flavoured condom
A written description of an art exhibition

EPIC FAIL takes place this Saturday 9th December, from 6-9pm. The location is listed simply as E3 3JX – so your guess is as good as ours – but no doubt more details will be forthcoming if you click 'Attending' on the Facebook event.

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