East End Film Festival Gets set For 13th Year

Art & Culture

Giddily defying the Gods of misfortune, the East End Film Festival has embraced the number 13 for this year's 13th edition. Set to run for 13 days, from June 13th to June 25th inclusive, the festival takes place at a variety of venues around London's East End, with full details set to be revealed on (you guessed it) May 13th. The festival has built its reputation on showcasing the work of first and second time directors, and expects to attract upwards of 30,000 attendees to a wide ranging programme, highlights of which include:

Eric Cantona speaking at the screening of 'You and the Night' – a "surreal cinematic orgy [that] features Eric Cantona and Béatrice Dalle, accompanied by a brilliant soundtrack by French electronic band M83,"

A focus on Mexican films, co-curated by this years Director-in-Residence, Sebastian Hoffman. Hoffman has pulled together the best of Mexican new wave, "including 'SUMMUM BONNUM', the debut feature from Halley’s DOP Matais Penachino, 'CLUB SANDWICH' (dir: Fernando Eimbcke, Mexico), which portrays a teenage holiday romance which strains the boy's relationship with his mother. In 'WE ARE MARI PEPA' (dir: Samuel Kishi, Mexico), another Mexican teenager fills his summer with writing rock music, finding a job, and having his first sexual experience – while his relationship with his grandma prompts an even bigger change."

A host of British films will be getting their first airing, including Guy Pitt's 'Grey Hawk', the oddball tale of a disillusioned army veteran hunting for his lost guide dog in an east London council estate, and 'Leave to Remain', the first feature length to come from BAFTA winner Bruce Goodison, telling the story of 3 Afghan teenagers trying to setle in England, set to an Alt-J composed soundtrack.

The festival opens with the red carpet World Premiere of 'DERMAPHORIA' (dir: Ross Clarke, USA). The second feature from Ross Clarke, the east London based filmmaker and DJ who directed award-winning feature documentary 'Skid Row' and co-founded music festival Lovebox, it follows an experimental chemist who wakes up in a New Orleans jail with amnesia, accused of arson and links to a drug-manufacturing ring. The high-profile cast includes Joseph Morgan (The Vampire Diaries), Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy, Hellboy), Walton Goggins (The Shield, Sons of Anarchy, Justified), Anwan Glover (The Wire) and Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy).

Further information on screenings and more can be found on the EEFF website.