Drive Thru – As In, Literally A Drive Thru – Art Show Opens In London

Art & Culture

You may think it's safe to assume that art exhibitions are generally named metaphorically. In the case of Drive Thru – a new exhibiton opening in Central London this Friday  – you'd be wrong. Taking place in the QPark underground car park in Cavendish Square, the mulitmedia show brings together sculptures, photographs, film, painting, ephemeral works, live performances, happenings, staged works, installations, synchronised car radio transmissions and sound works. It also allows you the unusual pleasure of checking out all these works as you cruise slowly by in your whip.

Naturally, London being a city where owning a car is only fractionally less expensive than raising a child, you're more likely to be doing this from the back of an Uber than your own motor… But apparently it should be worth it – according to the blurb, "all artists have considered this viewpoint when formulating their work and have consciously thought about how their work could be digested when experienced by a driver or passenger in a car that is travelling through the space."

For those of you who prefer to take things at a more traditional pace, the show will be open to pedestrians on Thursday 6th – Sunday 9th October, daily 11am – 5.30pm, whilst gas guzzlers are welcome on Wednesday 5th October 11am to 11pm, Thursday 6th, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October 6 – 11pm. The show is curated by Roger Clarke and Peter Fillingham, and further details – including the breakdown of Saturday 8th's expanded performance – can be found, along with tickets, over here. 


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