Dochouse To Screen Democrats + Q&A With Director

Art & Culture

The story of exactly what has been going on in Zimbabwe in recent years is a strange and intricate one, following the infamous reign of Robert Mugabe there has been a rather different political situation in place than we have generally become accustomed to. On Thursday 5th February, DocHouse will be screening 'Democrats' at Curzon Victoria, a documentary by Camilla Nielsson which follows the way in which two men from opposing sides were given the herculean task of forming a new democratic constitution for their embattled country. 

Follow the twists and turns as Paul Mangwana, from Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF, and Douglas Mwonzora, from the opposition party MDC, are charged with shaping a new constitution. The gripping final moments unfold in a way that neither the director nor her main subjects could ever have foreseen.

'Democrats' will be screened by DocHouse at Curzon Victoria on 5th February, there will also be a Skype Q&A with the film's director Camilla Nielsson. For more information, click here.