David Lynch Pulls Out Of New Episodes Of Twin Peaks

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In news that has well and truly pissed on our bonfire, David Lynch has announced that he will not be involved in the new season of Twin Peaks. The director had been onboard in the continuation of his iconic 90s show, even to the point of writing 9 new episodes with original co-creator Mark Frost. It now transpires that the money men at Showtime, the network backing the third series, have not offered enough cash to get the job sorted.

“After one year and four months of negotiations," Lych wrote on twitter,

"I left because not enough money was offered to do the script the way I felt it needed to be done.”  


It seems likely that Showtime will press on and deliver a third season regardless, potentially with Frost still involved. However, anyone who's sat through the frankly appalling episodes that were made when Lynch abandoned ship midway through the second season won't be holding out much hope for any gold. In hte meantime, we'll always have this: