Dance Music Doc ‘Beatz’ Now Streaming Online

Art & Culture

OK, so first off, we've got no idea why this film is called 'Beatz'. It's a terrible name. Adding a 'z' to the end of a word to signify it's cool stopped being acceptable around the same time Hale & Pace got taken off the telly. That said, 'Beatz' is actually pretty good, so maybe it marks a revival in zeddery. Who knows. If we're honest, the time you've taken to read this drivel you could have spent far more profitably watching the film. There it is below. It's a low budget documentary portraying the state of dance music, shot on a handy cam by Eduardo De La Calle as he travelled round the globe DJing. It's slickly edited and well paced, and has got appearences from a host of big guys, including Derrick May, Carl Craig, Craig Richards, Kenny Larkin, Paco Osuna, Nicolas Jaar, Ben Klock, Luciano, Laurent Garnier, Ambivalent, Apparat, François K, Marcel Dettmann, Ellen Alien, and Seth Troxler.

BEATZ – Divergences & Contradictions of Electronic Music SUBT EN from PlayMotion on Vimeo.