Community-led radio station Refuge Worldwide launches in Berlin

Art & Culture

New community-led radio station Refuge Worldwide has opened its doors in Berlin as a platform for music, discussion and activism.

Their programme combines internationally recognised and promising local artists, as well as offering a platform to marginalised communities and grassroots groups. Ensuring their focus is wider than just music, the station will host magazines, collectives, journalists, venues and activists, DJs, live acts, spoken word artists and community leaders, with topics ranging from sustainability, identity, music, art and culture, sexuality, decolonisation, politics, human rights, migration and intersectionality.

Residents announced on the roster include Kate Miller, Resom, Monty Luke, Stem, Cromby, Sally C, Telephones, Double Dancer, Steve Bicknell, Nathalie Capello, Golden Medusa, Gramrcy, Alison Swing, DJ Autumn (Banoffee Pies), Jessica, Nazanin Noori, AfroOankali, Angel D’lite, Yuko Asuanuma, Tom & Finn Johannsen (Paloma) Friendly Fires’ Jack Savidge and more.

Featured collectives and platforms will include shows from female:pressure, an international network of female, transgender and non-binary artists; Berlin-based crew Climax, as well as CO:QUO, Black Brown Berlin, Daisychain Podcast, Warning, Face The Music, Femme Bass Mafia, Open Music Lab, and Creative Sustainability. 

Check out the schedule HERE.