Cavalcanti & Ben Osborne Collaborate For London Design Week

Art & Culture

Luigi Russolo gazed into the future from the 1913 industrial cacophony and saw people enjoying factory-written rhythms and mechanical sounds. The increasingly noiseless digital age is far from that vision but textiles, it's suggested, is one industry which remains less affected and louder than the bulk.

Comfortably Spun sees Noise Of Art musician/cross-platform artist Ben Osborne collaborate with CAVALCANTI to produce a textile and sound installation set in the corridors of the Central St. Martens 'College' building. Five exclusively designed rugs (depicting an abstract visualisation of sound bites collected from the machinery used to make them) will be displayed alongside a soundscape inspired by the rhythms of the looms and tufting tools heard on the factory floor and as an extension of the concept the designs of the rugs have been digitally mapped into the music, adding an "otherworldly melody to the rhythms of the factory sounds".

The rugs look like the sounds and the sounds look like the rugs. Sounds clever.

It's the first time Noise Of Art has worked with textiles, and CAVALCANTI are due to open a showroom in Peckham soon. Comfortably Spun will be shown during Design Junction between 24-27th September.