Camden Image Gallery Presents ‘Chasing Fog’

Art & Culture

When you picture fog, the image you have is usually one of rolling mist a top towering mountains. It is peaceful and eerily beautiful. However, when fog infiltrates a major city, it smothers it with a dark sense of foreboding. We are reminded, especially in London, of the times of the Industrial Revolution when the air was thick with poison. Albert Zhang, a photographer from Beijing, has a particularly complex relationship with fog.

As Zhang was born and raised in Beijing, he has expeirenced first hand how thickly the fog from industrialising initiatives can hang in the air. On the one hand, he sees fog as something that is artistically beautiful. To him, its curls and kinks amongst city buildings are a wonder to behold. However, he is also aware that it is making Beijing somewhere "uninhabitable for human beings."

On 11th December 2013, London was swept with an impenetrable fog. Zhang decided to capture those moments in photographs which will be exhibited at Camden Image Gallery from 26th of June to the 1st of July. In this exhibition, Zhang wants to showcase the contradicting nature of fog. So, if you're up for seeing some quite ghostly images of London then head on down to the exhibition.

The Exhibition will open on 26th June – 1st July from 12-7pm daily, find out more here.