Bull-Fighting Documentary Seeks Funding

Art & Culture

There are some who value tradition above all else, even the pain and suffering of another living thing. Film-maker Miguel Ángel Rolland is shining a spotlight on the various figures whom protect the Spanish tradition of bull fighting under a veil of cruelty thinly disguised as tradition. 

Santa Fiesta is a documentary created by Rolland as a personal form of protest against the 60,000 animals that are tortured and killed each year in Spain. Filmed guerilla-style, Rolland aims to reveal the ways animals are used in local and religious festivals across the country. The juxtaposition of celebrating saints and virigins by cruelly stabbing at an animal is, according to Rolland (and everyone else capable of empathy) a loathesome tradition. Through the medium of film-making, Rolland wishes to create a conversation of indignant outrage in order to provoke Spain into re-defining 'tradition'.

Santa Fiesta opens the gates to a world that is often tucked away, out of sight and out of mind, and will leave viewers reeling from the cruelties that unfold on screen.

Rolland is currently raising money to cover basic production costs in order to bring his exposé documentary to fruition. For more information, and to help fund the project, click here.