Broken Borders Documentary Series At Bertha Dochouse

Art & Culture

The Bertha Dochouse is consistently offering up interesting and enlightening documentary seasons at its Curzon screen in Bloomsbury. From 7th – 13th August it will be running the Broken Borders season. It brings together three new award winning documentaries on the subject of the middle east crisis, terrorism and migration. These films discuss issues such as the idea of ostracised and disillusioned youths in Denmark leaving to join Islamic militant forces; female Syrian refugees adding their own narrative of war to that of Euripides' The Trojan Women; and the increasing number of migrants dying en route across the mediterranean sea.

The film showings are as follows:

WARRIORS FROM THE NORTH + Panel Discussion, Friday 7th August, 19.30
Follows the stories of a group of disillusioned and ostracized Danish youth who leave everything behind to join the ranks of al-Shabaab, with devastating consequences. With intimate access to its highly charged subject matter, the film offers a chilling insight into what fuels the current trend of Western Muslim youth leaving Europe to join radical terrorist groups abroad.

QUEENS OF SYRIA + Q&A, Saturday 8th August, 17.45

With more than 600,000 Syrian refugees living in Jordan, it is in a refugee camp in the capital Amman that theatre director Omar Abu Saada and acting coach Nanda Mohammad decide to stage Euripides’ Greek tragedy The Trojan Women. As the all-female cast of Syrian refugees are encouraged to weave their own stories of war and exile into the performance, a new layer of poignancy is added to an already deeply charged text.


Conflict and the economic crisis are driving increasing numbers of people to attempt the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean to Europe. At least 1,500 migrants have died on route in 2015. Morgan Knibbe‘s innovative and genre-blurring film, offers a different perspective on the migrant crisis from the side of the few who finally make it to European shores.

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