Book Slam 16th July With Fiona Bevan

Art & Culture

For those of you that want a have a somewhat more intellectual evening than a barrage of non-stop DOOF DOOF DOOF, there's always Book Slam over at The Clapham Grand.

This week's Book Slam outing sees Laura Lippman read from to her exceptional new novel, 'After I'm Gone', while the multifaceted Lauren Beukes introduces us to 'The Shining Girls'. For your musical dosage, Fiona Bevan plays what she calls 'pop in disguise' and poet Jess Green will be telling it exactly like it is.

So how about an evening of intelligent, witty women doing what they do best? Go on, do something clever for a change!

Book Slam's next event is on 16th July at The Clapham Grand from 6.30pm, grab your tickets here.