Block9 release film showcasing the legacy behind pop-up club NYC Downlow

Art & Culture

‘Meat Rack’ will tell the story behind some of the people who piece together the club which has become known for notoriety and late night mischief at Glastonbury. Run by Block9, the multi faceted party hotspot is regarded as an extravagant celebration of LGTBQIA culture and pays homage to the hedonistic days of house and disco. It is described as follows:

“Filmed in 2017, MEAT RACK takes you from green field to dance floor, from build crew to muscle boys, drawing on some of the more surreal and abstract traditions of arthouse cinema.”

The film is made by Harry Lawson, who documents both the sound and visual experience of the late night club through various film formats and a fitting sound collage which truly celebrates the unique and chaotic blur of identities and cultures which make up the infamous party. 

The release of the film comes as part of a week of online festivities hosted by Block9 showcasing the breadth of the cultural offering that they bring to Glastonbury. Films, mixtapes and a weekend of live streams will attempt to recreate the individuality and life of one of the scenes best loved parties. 

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