Bigger Than Fabric: A Short Film Exploring London’s Fading Club Culture

Art & Culture

Following the council's decision to re-open Fabric, Who Wot Why and Nathalie Wainwright have produced a short film entitled 'Bigger Than Fabric' to look into a wider fading club culture in London.

This week came with the news everyone hoped for, but no one expected: Fabric was saved. Who Wot Why's 'Bigger Than Fabric' looks at some of the wider implications within club culture of the council's decision to revoke Fabric's license, and some of the other insitutions that suffered before it. Taking a look into London's cultural landscape, the film explores the 50% loss of some of the capital's significant music venues since 2008 and asks 'is it too late for London'? Featuring insights from Bill Brewster, Kate Simko, Irvine Welsh and more, the film is available to stream via YouTube here



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