Berlin Wonderland – 1990-1996 PHOTGRAPHIC Book Released

Art & Culture

"Shortly after the Wall came down, ­subculture blossomed in the middle of ­Berlin. Featuring previously unknown images and commentary from key ­protagonists, this volume brings back to life an almost forgotten era while showing how Berlin's Wonderland years made the city what it is today."

1990-1996 Berlin revisited in this new photographic book picked by Spencer Parker of 'Work Them Records', you might have noticed them on the site this week! 

"Love the look of this book !

All about what looked to be an even crazier time than now, in my adopted home city !"

Some words from elsewhere about the book: 

"Techno, demolition of houses, car wrecks, and bungee jumping at the Brandenburg Gate. 
The story of the creative underground in the East Berlin of the early 90s, is and remains a fascination. For those who were there at the time, but especially for the future generations who know the chaotic rocking clubs up and down hovel of a socialist capital only from the flashes brightly polished presence. There was a spirit of optimism. Anything was possible, mainly because the ones squatting, Club-ups or provocative public art could have prevented, could be reached only in the rarest case. Unresolved property issues of land, alarming vacancy in ailing infrastructure, overtaxed housing associations. The fallow flourished."

"In more than 200 photographs supplemented by interviews and quotes, Berlin Wonderland reflects on Berlin's post-WWII upheaval, focusing on the punks, artists, and rebels who worked to bring Berlin back to life. 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the authors of Berlin Wonderland decided that it was time to tell the visual story of complete cultural reinvention in Mitte, Berlin's most artistic district."