‘Being’ Exhibit Opens At Hundred Years Gallery

Art & Culture

Deep down in the basement of The Hundred Years Gallery there's a rather bright looking exhibition on offer that might just catch your fancy. Artist Anya Charikov-Mickleburgh will be using the underground space as a workshop whilst exhibiting her 'Being' collection. 

The London-based visual artists takes on the idea of inner experience from the angle of "physical and psychological experiences of different emotions and states affecting transition and metamorphosis within". Visitors have been invited to contribute unwanted fabrics and to participate in transforming garments into a piece of art as the exhibition comprises works on paper and PVC fabrics as well as mixed-media, the title coming from the fact that Charikov-Mickleburgh is "exploring the link between Cartesian Dualism and Freudian points on Being."

'Being' runs until 15th February at The Hundred Years Gallery, click here for more information.