Banksy’S New Artwork Featuring Girl From Les Mis

Art & Culture

A derelict building opposite the French Embassy is now playing host to another one of elusive artist Banksy’s satirical artworks.

The young girl depicted is Cosette, an orphan and the iconic cover of Les Miserable with a tattered French flag behind her. Cosette is engulfed by tear gas let out from a CS can at the bottom. The piece in protest of the use of teargas in the refugee camps in Calais.

However this piece, unlike any of his others, includes a QR code in left corner. If you scan the code with your phone it will take you to a link for an online video of a police raid on the Calais ‘Jungle’ on the 5th January, the video appears to show teargas being used on the camp. However it is unclear yet as to who filmed the footage although there is links to the Calais Migrant Solidarity Group. This is the second mural Banksy has done in reaction to the handling of the migrant crisis; one earlier this year depicted Steve Jobs.

Since its appearance on Sunday morning there have already been numerous attempts to steal it and the owner of the building will be deciding what to do with the mural later today.