Artists ‘Does’ And Case Maclaim Spend 6 Weeks Painting Metro Station

Art & Culture

This summer Case Maclaim and 'DOES' paired up to create a 6.600 m² painting in Frankfurt's metro station. With the help by a team of carefully selected assistants, they spent six weeks underground to paint the complete inside of Ostendstraße metro station.

Honing a talent with paint since 1997, DOES is a multidisciplinary artist recognised worldwide for his balanced colour schemes, clean style and eye for detail. Cutting his teeth in the world of graffiti, traditional letterform is DOES’s first love. Using the letters D, O, E and S as a foundation, he continues to experiment with the form of art. 

Case Maclaim, aka Andreas von Chrzanowski, is a founding member of the reknown East-Germany Ma'Claim Crew and has been an influential part of the photorealism scene for over two decades. Check out the pair's work in the link below. 

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