Artist Jake Chapman Claims ‘Children Are Not Human’

Art & Culture

If there are any kids who've stumbled onto Ransom Note whilst trying to find some Minecraft cheats or pictures of Katy Perry or anonymous hard drug importers, or whatever the hell it is kids do on the internet, we've got some bad news – there's no point you being here, because, well, because frankly you're not actually human. Yet. This stunning revelation comes from occasionally controversial artist Jake Chapman. Jake, who with brother Dino has become famous for making tiny sculptures of horrible things, told The Independent that putting a young 'un in front of -say -a Jackson Pollock painting is "like saying… it's as moronic as a child". He then threw caution (and, strictly speaking, factual accuracy) to the wind, to add that "children are not human yet".

As kids everywhere have protested for years, Chapman insists that taking a child round a gallery is "a total waste of time" – not quite sure where this fits into them being inhuman, but there you go. Understandably, a lot of artists don't share Chapman's view – you can read some more reasonably opinions from the likes of Anthony Gormley over on the BBC.