Andy Warhol’s Lost Amiga Artwork Emerges

Art & Culture

One of the (relatively) long lost artifacts of the digital age has been unearthed – Andy Warhol's 1980s digital artwork, completed on the much loved Amiga 1000. Commissioned by the Carnegie Institute of Art, the film 'Trapped: Andy Warhol's Amiga Experiments' tells the story of a group of artists and coders digging through the Warhol archives to restore 23 works the iconic artist  had completed on ultra early software. Led by technology obsessed artist Cory ArcAngel, the team pieced together an essential missing chapter in the history of digital art, scouring obsolete disks that had been held in the Warhol archives for over 25 years. Watch the film below, and catch more episodes from The Invisible Photograph, Carnegie's series on lost images, over on their website.


The Invisible Photograph: Part II (Trapped) from Carnegie Museum of Art on Vimeo.