Jonny Woo – Influences

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Jonny Woo has put together a rather explosive performance that delves deep into the history of East London, exploring how the war-torn area has risen to one of the most fashionable parts of London. His performance at The Rose Lipman Building from 27th November – 6th December will be full of thought-provoking messages so we decided it was worth finding out a little more about what inspired Mr Woo to become the man he is today;

1 – Fee Doran, or Mrs Jones, the uber stylist  

I knew her from Shoreditch back in the day and she is at the center of my new show. She is burnt into my memory as the fist person to live the lifestyle and have the look that so many after her would aspire to.

2  – Clubbing

Everything about it. I have spent 20 odd years in night clubs and the experiences shape my art and the way that I feel.

3 – Paris Is Burning.

I had so much fun emulating the drag balls and it taught me a lot about drag and straddling the male female divide.

4 – Justin Vivian Bond

A performer from NYC who had a stage character called Kiki. She showed my just how far you can take a characterization and how to really break down audience expectation.

5 – Mr Benn

What a geezer, all those outfits and that cool suit and bowler. I bet he had stockings on underneath.

6 – Mike Leigh

Definitley my favourite film director. No one does real people like he does. No one is there because of ‘pretty’ or ‘sexy’. The best female characters and banal chatter.

7 – The Wild Flower Meadow, London Fields

I couldn’t believe it last year when this burst of scent and colour splashed into our park. Truly for everyone. Still in bloom now.

8 – Bruce Nauman

The first exhibition I saw of his at the Hayward was mind blowing. Relentlessly annoyingly spectacular. Now that’s something to live your life by.

9 – Bjork

She wrote some of the best, most original pop songs you will ever hear. I hope that one day she will give us one more Hyperballard.

10 – Bucks Fizz

I wrote a show about Jay Aston which confirmed my knowledge that they did some stonking tunes, no matter what the serious music heads will tell you.

Jonny Woo's East London Lecture takes place at The Rose Lipman Building from 27th November – 6th December. For more information, click here.