The Explorers Club With Gregory Sams

Art & Culture

Gregory Sams is a UK-based, American-born, fractal artist, social thinker, author, publisher, inventor, macrobioticist and, wait for it… he is the creator of the veggie burger.

No, seriously.

Gregory Sams has been in the business of changing things since 1967 when he opened up the market for organic and natural foods in the UK. He opened the world's only shop ever dedicated to chaos theory, leading him to write The State is Out of Date – We Can Do It Better, a look at how well we self-organize in freedom. Next came his book Sun of God, Discover the Self-Organizing Consciousness That Underlies Everything, re-introducing us to our local star and its place in a living Universe.

Catch Greg on the 12th of June in St Leonards On Sea and see him talk about the wisdom of the ancients with quantum theory, the least appreciated and most mysterious force of the Universe and understanding why the quantum is beyond understanding as it gives a profound insight into its nature. 

See Gregory Sams on 12th June in St Leonards On Sea. For more information on the event, e-mail