Ramen Diaries #7

Art & Culture
Due Italian, Ichigaya, Tokyo
2014 Tomato Ramen 
A seasonal special. It consists of chilled pile of smooth ramen, covered in a sweet but sharp tomato sauce, and then a pile of various fresh cut tomatoes (Sicilian Rouge, Aiko, Fruit Tomatoes(?), Midi, San Marino, Amela Rubins and Golden Mini). 
It is actually very tasty, and cooling in the heat, but it's just not ramen (nor pasta). The combination does not show off what ramen can offer, although it is the only way that I can imagine ever eating this many tomatoes in one dish. 
The restaurant appears to have opened in the early 90's and it is now a little the worse for wear, but it's quite popular as we have to wait outside for a space. 
Other dishes on the menu include cheese ramen (a combination of Gorgonzola and cream cheese, which comes with Parma ham on the side) as well as a more standard salt based soup, which looks very good. 
¥1,200 (about £7)