RAmen Diaries #6

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+++ Ramen Diary 6 +++

Taro Ramen, Kobe

Tonkotsu Ramen


The noodles are firm, egg rich and gooey, plenty of nori, but there are two real stars here: 


(a) The pork. From what I can tell, they have boiled pork belly in a salty, spiced stock until all the fibres have broken down and it has become soft, deeply savory, and thoroughly fat-enriched. Then they roast it, rendering the fat and condensing the flavour more. It is very good. 


(b) The kimchee. It is in a bucket on the table – eat as much as you want/need/can. 


This is an understandably popular spot and there is another smaller branch on the other side of the road, although it's reportedly less good. 


650 (about 3.80)