Herman Ze German To Launch New Burger Menu

Art & Culture

The more food-obsessed among you may remember a couple of months back when we sent our Ciaran out for some sausage. He returned to the office considerably heavier having indulged in the finest wares that Herman ze German had to offer. If he were to go again we reckon he'd not be able to fit through the door on his return as the sausage-fiends are adding 'Ze Amazing Burger Menu' to their roster of foodie treats as of Thursday 27th August.

By adding ze Chicken Melt and ze Smokey Beast to their menus, the folks over at Herman ze German have essentially sealed all of our fates as we're pretty sure we're going to have to start eating there on at least a weekly basis to make sure that we get through the menu by the end of the year. This is a challenge we're more than happy to accept – now it's just a case of finding our eating bibs…

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