Ciaran Goes To Herman Ze German

Art & Culture

Three men, a handful of beers and some mighty fine sausage – the perfect combination for a Wednesday night in Central London, thanks in no small part to the kitchen staff at the Charlotte Street branch of Herman Ze German.

Though you may essentially be ordering a hot dog and chips, there's no comparing this food to the standard level of football stadium rubbish that gets served up and down the country on a weekly basis. When it comes to sausages the Germans have quite simply got us beaten hands down and there's no denying that even a few vegetarians have had their heads turned by the aroma of a fine currywurst.

As we sat in the basement section of the restaurant, seemingly miles away from the hubbub of Central London, we began the evening sampling some beers that had been specially imported for the restaurant from Germany – which were of course as pleasant to the taste as you'd expect from the long-standing home of beer.

Tucking into a selection of flavours, our tastebuds were exposed to all manner of spices as the firm sausages (easy now) nestled comfortably upon beds of pleasingly soft bread. The chicken offering may have been a little too crisp for my tastes but there can be no denying that this is a kitchen able to trot out streams of delicious sausages on a daily basis.

Perhaps it wouldn't be the ideal place to take someone for a first date, or – due to the copious amounts of curry sauce – somewhere you'd wear a top hat and tails to, but you'll struggle to find somewhere slap-bang in the middle of London that'll do quite as good a job as housing a night of friendly conversation and top-notch sausages.

Find out more about Herman Ze German here and on their Facebook and Twitters.