World Unknown 1st Bday

Art & Culture

it’s in a railway arch in the arse-end of brixton, ie the wrong part of the wrong part of town. we like this a lot as it works splendidly
in terms of self-selection – if they don’t fancy coming to brixton then we probably don’t fancy having them in.

you also need to know someone who has been (and wasn’t so fucked that they can’t remember where it is – don’t laugh, this has happened more
than once) or send us an email to find out the address, hardly rocket science but enough to keep the post-pub numpties out.

for those clever enough to find out the address and brave enough make the quest (not that much of a quest really, the 35 runs all night and
stops bang outside) the rewards are many and varied.

namely these; amazing and wide-ranging heavyweight leftfield dance music spanning 30+ years of genuine musical innovation along the lines
of the stuff in the mixes section of our website here,, and the classic, heady combination of a pounding big old lump of a
reggae soundsystem, a trippy as fuck pure analogue, projector-based lighting set-up that might just make you lose your mind and so much
smoke you can’t see your hand in front of your face half the time.

for the faint of heart and those who fancy a chat from time to time there’s a really nice cosy bar on the ground floor with lots of comfy
stuff to sit and lean on. and red stripe, lots and lots of red stripe.

the facebook event is here

the group is here