Win: Wild Life Festival Tickets

Art & Culture

We've managed to find ourselves in the rather fortunate position of being the only site able to offer readers a free pair of tickets to this year's Wild Life Festival. Aren't we the lucky ones? 

What happens when London’s best secret party moves to a field? Everyone has more fun than a squirrel in a barrel of nuts. In 2013 Low Life, known for spectacular and friendly warehouse parties in Harlem, Hackney and Elephant since 1995, branched out and launched a three-day, 500-people festival, which sold out in hours. This year, the adventure is taking place all over again and the theme and dress code is ‘Circus Maximus’.

We're offering a pair of tickets to this year's festival to one lucky person who emails with the subject 'WILD?I'MBLOODYLIVID!' before 6pm on May 27th.

Good luck!