WIN Tickets to ALFOS by the sea & Andrew Weatherall’s Masterpiece

Art & Culture

As regular R$Ners will know all too well we've been quite big fans of our brothers who art in space for quite some time now. To see their oasis of slowness star in a world of increasing velocity ascend has been affirming to say the least.
Those that were at their immense Corsica Studios session at Easter will have witnessed the manifesto is beginning to spread far and wide. 
Next weekend ALFOS head to the seaside and to Pablo Contraband's increasingly excellent Disco Deviant (more details here)… and we have 2 pair of tickets to this little sojourn for one lucky reader. Want a little extra? Alright greedy, try a copy of Andrew Weatherall's Masterpiece to go with?! 

The master of reinvention, this quintessential gentlemen digs deep to share his influences from across the ages for the special Masterpiece series, spanning three discs of inspirational treasures. 

Want to get your hands on all of this? 
Simply email with "Take me into outer space by the sea… and gimme a masterpiece while you're at it!"
Winner drawn out the virtual hat next week.