What You Have To See At Desert Daze

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We all have those nights when you end up at a friends house, listening to records and whoever's playing DJ manages to make you think  "Holy Shit" when they follow up something like Primus with Television but somehow it totally works. The line up for Desert Daze is like that, and the reason it works, much like those night's at your friends house is that this is a festival curated by real music lovers. Experiencing it first hand last year, I was blown away my how much it conjured my first experience of festivals, no ugly beer sponsors and seven foot barriers from the stage but at chance to get messy and up close and personal with your favourite acts- I loved it. Walking in to see DIIV playing backlit against the sun was the perfect intro to this intimate but expertly curated festival.

This year I'm ultra excited as the line-up includes a super ecletic mix of artists so I've pulled together my seven must see's so you can focus on getting the most from the festival and enjoy the epic desert scenery too. Disclaimer if you aspire to the flower crown Instagram filter infused festival that is Coachella look away now…

1. Television:  You're going to be able to watch the 10 minute epic that is Marquee Moon, in the desert under the stars, bring tissues, or come find me, I'm bringing plenty. It's going to be emotional.

2. Andrew W.K. The US is no stranger to motivational speakers but how many of them actually ahve anything of value to say? Not so with Andrew W.K – a man who's been preaching the power of the party since birth- race you to the front row.

3. Brian Jonestown Massacre- if you're going to party in the desert, you want it soundtracked my some premium psych and this is what BJM serve up everytime.

4. Connan Mockasin- This one purely because he is wonderful and strange and wrote an entire song about Hackney's notorious Dolphin pub.

5. Cherry Glazerr- Clem and Co manage to pull off loud, sensitive and sleazy all in one go and their live shows are mesmerising- don't miss them.

6. Vinyl Williams, two reasons here- visually this will be a beautiful set, last year Desert Daze used 1960's oil and ink projections and the results were stunning combine that with a voice that's like liquid honey and you have instant seducation.

7. Deap Vally- Historically when you think of loud bluesy rock, you think swaggering guys in tight jeans. Deap Vally say whatever to all that. Bringing more swag in their metallic catsuits and big hair than those dudes have in their little finger. And they're really LOUD with it.

Tickets for Desert Daze are still on sale but you better be quick!


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