What The Frack

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Fracking is a dangerous and dirty way of blasting gas out of the ground and, in two weeks time, councillors in Lancashire will decide if they should allow fracking. If the council says yes, it'll be a disaster for our climate, and when they start ripping through Lancashire countryside, the REST OF ENGLAND COULD BE NEXT! (Not that we don't care about Lancashire, of course!)

38 Degrees and local activists are trying everything they could to stop fracking, but that's still not enough to beat the legal teams of the big energy giant Cuadrilla. Now let's help people in Lancashire make their opposition heard. HOW? we can help them fundraise the money they need to produce a short video to show people how dangerous fracking is. The video will star ordinary people from Australia and the USA who are living through the effects of fracking in their communities. The video will then be released in cinema ads, Facebook and YouTube, the aim is to swing local people against fracking and put a huge pressure on the council. 

But producing the video and getting seen by thousands, all in the next two weeks – will cost money. Every single thing 38 Degrees do together is funded by their members by chipping in fivers and tenners. Let's help make a video that could swing Lancashire against fracking click here to chip in.

If enough people see the devastating effects of fracking in other countries it could tip the balance against fracking here Chip in for the video now. For more information on fracking and the damages click here