Wet Sounds Brings Immersive Underwater Concert To Kentish Town Pool

Art & Culture

Wet Sounds is an underwater sound installation that allows audiences to be completely immersed in sound. The brain child of sound artist Joel Cahen, the show sees Cahen place one soundsystem around a swimming pool, and submerge another in the pool itself. This means that three audio spaces are created – outside the water, under the water, and a mix of both when listeners float on the pool's surface. It's a pretty intriguing premise, and one that you can check out yourself when Wet Sounds comes to Kentish Town on Nov 29th.

Participants have described the event as 'womb like', and according to the Wet Sounds press;  "sound travels 4.5 times faster in water than it does in air. This cancels directionality in water as the brain does not notice the slight differences in the arrival time of the sound at the two ears. Sound is also perceived through direct vibrations of the nerve in the inner ear which gives the sensation of hearing, therefore it bypasses the outer and middle ear hearing mechanisms. Wet Sounds has had accounts of positive feedback from people hard of hearing that they can hear the sounds underwater."

For more info and tickets head over to the Wet Sounds website.