Watch A Love International Highlight Reel ft. the Ransom Note boat party!

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This summer saw Love International scale dizzy new heights as they launched with a sparkling lineup amidst the outback of Croatia. Boats drifted lazily in the bay before departing out onto the Adriatic sea. Dancefloors floated above the water by day, whilst the nighttime became a playground. Ransom Note were there to capture every detail, a memory bank which will remain for a long time. However, film makers On8Mil and Archiv were on hand to record the event – a large proportion of which was filmed on our boat party Dance Tunnel with Tama Sumo, Francis Inferno and Dan Beaumont – ensuring it lives on forever. Saul describes the process of shooting the film…

"This was my first music festival production working with super8 and I was perhaps a little trigger happy to start out. But with various digital cameras capturing every film worthy moment around me, who could blame me? It took a while, but I did manage to get over the fact that I couldn’t capture everything."

Watch the film below:

Visit the Love International site HERE. Visit the filmmakers HERE and HERE

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