Tom Middleton To Play History Of The 909 Set

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Tom 'beardy' Middleton is preparing a treat for lovers of THE GREATEST DRUM MACHINE EVER* – a musical journey through the history of the Roland 909. This voyage through techno, house and electronica is taking place at Shoreditch's Horse & Groom to celebrate the Memory Box Social's 1st Birthday. Last time Middleton played the event, he curated a history of the 808, so it made sense for him to return and follow through with Roland's next iconic machine. Here's what he had to say about the event:

“Its about a year since I was invited to play at Memory Box. I really loved researching and curating the Roland TR808 set and playlist. And performing the chronological audio history of key tracks that employed the ubiquitous analogue drum sounds in a club environment was tremendous fun. Joining all the dots infront of a diverse, broadminded and 'up for it' audience.

This year it's time to celebrate it's younger sibling, Rolands' TR-909 Rhythm Composer. Just as ubiquitous across the many forms of electronic dance music and has been so important in formative years of the House, Techno and Electronica scenes in the late 80's and early 90's.

My earliest memories of it's use, and in many ways my personal favourites are by the Detroit Techno pioneers Kevin 'Reese' Saunderson (Inner City) and Derrick 'Rhythim is Rhythim' May. Alongiside Artists such as Mark 'MK' Kinchen, who is back in the limelight, immersed in the current wave of Deep House.

Then there's the likes of 808 State, The Prodigy, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Plastikman…even Radiohead and Kanye West. So expect many classics and lesser-known but highly relevant examples of the peerless beat box that generates the most thumping kicks, snappy snares and sizzling hi-hats still used to this day. All hail the TR909.”

The History of the 909 takes place on August 1st at Horse & groom, with support provided by Robin Ball – more info on the facebook page. You can listen to Middleton's journey through the 808 recorded live at Corsica Studios below.



Tom Middleton 'History of the Roland TR-808' Memory Box set live at Corsica Studios London 6-7-13 by Memory Box on Mixcloud


*after the 808, obvs