Tiga – Dj Hell B2b Show At Exit

Art & Culture

Last time I went to Exit festival I had a Serbian ex-con attach a tiny set of handcuffs from his thumb to mine. He told me he'd just that weekend got out of prison (I didn't ask what for) and made me share a horrific high grade spliff. I was fucking terrified. Once the spliff was finished he undid the cuff and slapped me on the back. Hahaha he laughed at my cowardly expression. WELCOME!! Then he hugged me and walked off. On reflection he was quite a funny guy. 

Maybe I'll meet him there again, enjoying the spectacle of the DJ Hell / Tiga back to back techno meltdown. But I suspect he's more likely to be at the trance stage. There's other back to back stuff going on, Heidi is playing with Kim Anne Foxman, Dusky are rubbing up against Paul Woolford, and pretty actually excitingly, Carl Craig is going up against Green Velvet. There's ticket info and stuff over on the Exit website – it looks like a cheapskate bonanza – with airport transfers, accommodation and tickets currently going for a cheeky £115