Tickets For Liverpool Psyche Festival 2016 Now Onsale

Art & Culture

Liverpool Psyche Festival is a two day celebration of mind expanding head music, taking place on 23rd-24th September 2016. Last years event won the NME award for small festival of the year, and although no acts have been announced as yet for the 2016 event, we're feeling confident it'll be a killer, if only from the slightly nutty press release they've sent us;

"Imagine a place where the pulse of life is set by the deep, loose, future-throb of drone.  

A Mecca to the PZYK-Enlightenment. 

A settlement from this planet, yet not of it. A marriage of odd-nature, heady-seismology and Dionysian kicks. Our future colony. A heavy terrain where analogue fuzz meets subterranean gloop and the hot-hiss blanket of kaleidoscopic hum. 

A digi-grit outpost. 

A place to revel in a momentary submission to the biological bubbling and throbbing of the drone-mother. 

A jubilant nook for our culture. The post-industrial fizz of this head music swarm. 

A borderless, formless, utopian other-world.

This is our future and this is our dominion. 

Patriation commences 23rd + 24th September 2016."

Early bird tickets start at £50, they're available, along with a bunch of accomadation packages over on the festival website.



Liverpool Psych Fest 2016 #1 from Liverpool Psych Fest on Vimeo.