TheMenWhoFell2Earth w. Jim Stanton

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TheMenWhoFell2Earth : Jubilee Landing w. Jim Stanton & Shake Yer Dix
The diamonds here might be fake and it's not so much street party as basement rave up… But we got queens for sure! Intergalactic party plans have been made to ensure maximum TheMenWhoFell Jubilation.

Bringin on down a huge heap of spesh guest dancefloor bizzle is gonna be the one, the only, Mr Horse Meat Disco, Jim Stanton. Co-pilot of the best good-time disco outfit on the god damn planet, expect a king sized serving of dope beats and regal treats.

We've gone to deepest Befnal Green and the Shake Yer Dix boys to bring the bleeps in Room 2. They tore it down last time so we've got em back for some more Electropoptrash fun. SYD interweave their favourites Ditto, Digitalism and Daft Punk with hot new stuff from the likes of Heartsrevolution, The Magician and Ronika. As well as the electroglitterati: Robyn, Peaches and Goldfrapp. Synthesisers-a-go-go

In the Mirrorball Room we're getting out our very best china. The performance sensation that are the BOTHER boys are joining forces with Kat and Mouse to serve up a very fucked up English Tea Party.

Add in some super late nite East Bloc vibing, a brigade of bunting and yet another Bank Holiday weekend, and TheMenWhoFell2Earth DJ's bringin it on home with a banquet of (Palatial) Punk- Funk, (Diamond) Dirty-Disco and (Royally) Remixed Rock'N'Roll.

Saturday 2nd June
10:30pm > 06:00am
East Bloc, 217-219 City Road, London EC1V (Old St Tube)
£8 / £5 (concessions)