The Sights And Sounds Of Sónar 2015

Art & Culture

Following Sónar’s commitment to new media art and sound installations, the festival will present two large pieces of work within Sónar+D.

Sónar 2015 presents Nyloïd, a tripod-shaped spider sculpture created by Swiss pairing André and Michel Décosterd; consisting of three six meter long limbs animated by a mechanism and advanced audio devices. Check out this video of some of their finest wares;

Several of the visuals at Sónar by Night’s shows have been designed by designers and artists. This is the case for the new live show from The Chemical Brothers, where they will debut their new album and will once again work with their long-time collaborator, the English filmmaker Adam Smith. Flying Lotus, will also present an immersive 3D show on dual screens, created together with up-and-coming visual artists Strangeloop & Timeboy. Meanwhile, Siriusmodeselektor (Modeselektor and Siriusmo) will present a new project involving Berlin studio Pfadfinderei, who are also responsible for commissioning the new visual live show for Tiga, on which he has also worked with Finnish director Helmi.

Discover the Sound of Sónar 2015 here