The Royal We

Art & Culture

The Right Honourable Groove On requests the pleasure of ones company at:

The Royal We

An evening, night and morning of mirth and frivolity.

Naturally, one wishes to keep the location a closely guarded secret to keep out the riff raff, but the Right Honourable Groove On can inform that it is in one of the most capital warehouses in the realm
We are not amused… easily… and so it is most proper that The Right Honourable Groove On has brought together some very choice DJs from all corners of the Commonwealth, and beyond.

Gracing the decks:

Master Frederick Prest, of Monmouthshire
Hawker DJs, Q.C
Baron Osky,
The Very Reverend Marcus Rowland
Count Cosmo Sterck, of St. Petersberg
Earl Charles Sidworth Hargreaves, of Plimpton Nibbet

And the incorrigible, scandalous Sir Clive Henry, of the Crosstown Rebels, and DC10.

Tickets are a trifling Ten pounds Stirling. Reception at 9p.m, carriages at 5a.m

It promises to be the most daring event of the season, and to miss it would be a great blunder.

Come cavorting with us at The Royal We


For Tickets…

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