The End Of The World Party Present: Big Freeze

Art & Culture

"Citizens of our beloved capital are being urged by Government Officials to gather there at 10pm, hold each other closely, stay warm, and celebrate The End Of The World." – Alright, there maybe a bit of promotional embellishing going on here but there's a good reason to start living each day like it's your last and going out and enjoying life. Because it's fun.

The folks that run The End Of The World Party are putting on Big Freeze on 31st January and encouraging people to go out and enjoy the night like it's the last party they'll ever go to. With a very open public submissions system for songs – "They can be any era, any genre. All party tracks please, no misery. And pick songs other people will know" – there'll be plenty of fun to be had if you let your hair down a little.

Big Freeze takes place on 31st January at Scala, click here for more information.