The Alphabet Review: Love International 2016

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There are many, many, many stories to tell from Love International this year. However, then we'd have to kill you, or something like that. Instead we have opted to take things a little differently as we break it down for you, alphabet style.

Below is only the very beginning of a tale which saw Ransom Note and our good friends Dance Tunnel visit the sun kissed coast of Croatia for what has become a magical highlight of our calendar….

Adriatic Acid Smiley dressing gown

Boat parties


Croatian hospitality


Dan Beaumont lounging on a blow up Pizza slice


Eating all the seafood

Francis Inferno Orchestra is perhaps the most underrated DJ in the world.


Grappling with those big inflatables round the other side of the bay. 


Hot Hot Hot

It’s not…


Just about the dancing. Tisno has plenty to offer in itself, not forgetting that…


Konoba Tereza serves the best steaks, ever.


Love International…

Made a few small tweaks to the winning formula…


Nothing major, but the…


Olive grove stage improvements were amazing.


Prosumer's tattoo

Quentin Blake Illustration look-a-like DJs 


Ripping your swimming trunks in half then meeting Tom Paine for the first time whilst in a cab with your junk hanging out.


Sailing on the Adriatic soundtracked by the best.

Tama Sumo!!!


Under the stars, Barbarellas is the best club in the world.


Vibes at the beach stage


Woodland sunrise sessions.


Xing the bridge to Valentinos and getting Facebook flavoured ice cream


Young Marco

Zee you next year


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